Comment on Kilmarnock Town Centre with our interactive map


Comment on Kilmarnock Town Centre with our interactive map

We have been awarded funding for temporary measures to support physical distancing within Kilmarnock Town Centre and to support active travel for essential journeys.

To help achieve these aims we are taking immediate action to pedestrianise Foregate Square and will shortly be making changes to allow cycling within the pedestrianised area of King Street.

An image and document detailing our plans for Foregate Square can be viewed in the 'Additional materials' section at the bottom of this page. We expect the same to be available for King Street soon.

We also plan to put localised measures in place to help with specifics arising from the need to physically distance when accessing shops and services. Measures could include:

  • Removing parking to create extra footway space
  • Enforcing existing parking restrictions
  • Providing physical distancing information
  • Providing additional cycle parking
  • Reallocating road space (removing parking to create extra space for pedestrians)
  • Examples of some of these measures are shown below:

    Click the 'Have your say' button below to tell us about locations where you are aware of problems and think that these measures could be helpful. Please be as specific as you can and please note that we cannot invest this funding on other things like measures to support exercising. If you'd like to comment on an area outside of Kilmarnock Town Centre you can do so HERE .

    [To report a fault in relation to public roads, street lighting, bridges or traffic lights please click here ]

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    Additional materials

    PDF of plan for Foregate Square
    PDF of plan for Foregate Square
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